Jaada’s strategy is social innovation. At the centre of this are the people living in the community where the association operates. To carry out the social innovation strategy effectively, Jaada employs strategic tools in Connection strategy, Engagement strategy and developes smart Collaborations with partners. To this end, the following projects were successfully carried out and implemented to completion.



After its formation in 2016, Jaada sponsored two Back to the Village Annual Event Projects. The total cost of these two events was over one hundred thousand Gambia dalasi (One thousand six hundred and 12 British Pound Sterling).

The idea behind this Back to the Village Annual Event was to connect people to their roots. It was also a strategy to foster good community relationship between the people of Dasilami. The events brought and connected people who were natives but were not born in the community. They were used as an avenue to harness resources both human and financial to help develop the community.



This project was executed in partnership with Province West – Vlaanderen through their office Wereldhuis West – Vlaanderen (Belgium). Key to Jaada’s development programes alongside Health and Agriculture is education. The Association believes there cannot be any meaningful development in the community of Dasilami without sound and quality education. And for this to happen, the foundation to such kind of education is crucial.

This was the reason why Jaada partnered with Province West – Vlaanderen through their office Wereldhuis West – Vlaanderen in a project to provide chairs and tables for the only elementary school in the community. This has improved the school’s infrastructural capacity. The project also gave a face lift to  the already damaged classroom floors. The community was and still remains grateful to Province West – Vlaanderen for this kind gesture.

All these are part of Jaada’s strive and resolve to making sure the community is not left behind in terms of  innovation in education, health and agriculture. Jaada believes they are the only vehicle for the community to reach self-sufficiency.



Covid – 19 has taken the world by surprise. Governments, International and National organisations were all humbled by the disease. Resource mobilisation both physical and financial became a problem area. The advice given by experts to have items that will dispense sanitisers at private and public places became a top priority of Jaada to cater for the community of Dasilami. The disease has become a global  pandemic, compelling  every community to do their best to prevent and/or contain its spread.

Jaada stepped up its efforts and spent eleven thousand Gambia Dalasi (one hundred and seventy British pound sterling) to handwashing stations and sanitisers. These are positioned in various locations in the community for the residents and those coming into the community from the neighbouring villages and towns to be washing their hands as a precautionary measure against the spread of the virus. This has proven to be very helpful to the community with social distancing observed.

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