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Jaada is a community development association formed to create opportunities for the people of Darsilami, Barianding and Tilibonka Kunda. The intention is to transform the three communities through life changing initiatives, primarily in the areas of education, health, and agriculture, Furthermore, Jaada hopes to engage members of these communities in ways in which they can transform their economic realities for personal, communal, and national development.

Intervention Areas


Education is essential for the advancement of all people. Our investment in this sector is such that we acquire the tools to operate in this day and age.


The cliché, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body shall always be true for us. With all our aspirations to advance, being healthy as a community is at the forefront of it all.


Agriculture is a fundamental aspect of rural life, and is a core focus in national development. We are invested in participating in this sector for our security and that of generations to come.


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Are you interested in supporting us?  Do send us a message for any inquiry you may have. We love to work with different entities to elevate our work of developing our hometown, Darsilami.

Also, check out our donation page if you are interest in giving.


Our goal is to always impact the lives of the people we are working with.


Working together towards development.

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